This is my Halloween page. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

New In 2019

Creepshow A new show based on the cult classic film by George Romero and Stephen King. Now airing exclusively on Shudder.
Are You Afraid Of The Dark? The hit Nickelodeon show of the 90s makes it's return this year. Starts October 11th! Trailer
IT: Chapter Two The conclusion to the remake of Stephen King's IT. Currently in theaters.
Pet Sematary A remake to the cult classic from Mary Lambert and Stephen King.
Spooky Station A collection of Halloween themed minigames. Releases October 24th!

Spooky Sites

I-Mockery Dedicated to what really matters in life: b-movies, old toys, Halloween, video games, strange foods, oddities, and more.
Dinosaur Dracula This site celebrates the sheer joy of trivial things, from Halloween decorations, to Ninja Turtles, to the pewter dolphin pendants sold in every aquarium’s gift shop.
The Dionaea House A terrifying story told through a collection of emails. Sadly, the original site is now inactive, so I've linked an archive of the site as opposed to a text copy on a wiki.

Creepy Video

LOCAL 58 Unnerving shorts that are based around a public access TV station.
Petscop Videos about an unreleased PSX game.

Ghastly Games

Viscera Cleanup Detail Specifically, the House of Horror DLC. This DLC transcends the game itself for me. A true gaming love letter to horror films. I try to play this every year to celebrate the month.
Lakeview Cabin Collection Another love letter to classic horror films that captures a very unique experience that is hard to find in any other game.
Lakeview Valley The spiritual sequel to Lakeview Cabin Collection with a mix of Stardew Valley. Exhibits the same atmosphere and humor of LCC.
Grave Chase A game by the folks behind I-Mockery. A fun halloween romp.