Video World

Interior photograph of Video World
An interior photograph of Video World.

Location: 1013 Fairmont Avenue, Fairmont, WV

This was the video store that we frequented during our time at college in Fairmont, WV. It was a smaller "mom-and-pop" store that offered a fantastic 5-for-5 deal that we used on a weekly basis.

Being students in college kept our wallets pretty light - but because of Video World we could stay entertained for an affordable price.

In February 2009, the store was closed due to a motorist driving a vehicle into the building and knocking it off of it's foundation - only to be reopened as the Tuscan Sun Spa by the same owner in 2010.

Sadly, there is very little photographic evidence that the place existed, outside of the photo shown above. I will keep this page updated with additional infomation as I find it.